IT Security Awareness​

A key activity of the IT Security Unit is the training of Public Officers through IT Security Awareness ​campaigns via various modes:
  1. :: Awareness presentations conducted ​onsite at Ministry/Department premises

  2. :: Preparation ​and circulation of Fact Sheets on specific aspects of IT Security

  3. :: Participating in IT Security Events

Onsite Security Awareness Campaign in Ministries/Departments

The awareness campaign for the Government Sector includes the conduct of presentations onsite in Ministries and Departments.​ The cybersecurity presentations are undertaken by technical professionals from the IT Security Unit.  The presentations cover main areas such as cyber threats, countermeasures and safeguards.​  
During the presentations, a number of topics are covered.​  Topics evolve depending on latest cyber threats from​ international security reports.

Publication and Circulation of IT Security Fact Sheets

Another dimension to propagate the importance of taking adequate security precautions in the use of ICT among Public Officers is done via the publication of fact sheets on various IT security hazards.
The IT Security Unit regularly elaborates and circulates Fact Sheets targeted towards Public Officers who make use of ICT in their daily work.

Fact Sheets are a one-page recto-verso document meant to inform Public Officers on specific topics and list the Do’s and Don’ts with respect to the topic.

Some of the fact sheets prepared and circulated to different Ministries/Departments:

IT Security Events

The IT Security Unit participates in various IT Security events organised by the Ministry of Information  Technology, Communication and Innovation and the National Computer Board at the national level.
Computer Security Day (CSD)

CSD is organised worldwide annually on 30 November to help raise awareness of computer related security issues.
The IT Security Unit leverages on the CSD event to raise the level of security awareness of personnel in the Civil Service. This was initiated in 2004 with the dissemination of information on security practices.
The IT Security Unit also collaborates closely with the National Computer Board (NCB) which organises the CSD Event at the national level.
ITSU is part of the organising committee, produces and reviews security publications as well as providing speakers for the Event.
Topics covered by ITSU representatives included:

  • :: Information Security Management in the Civil Service

  • :: Information Security Risk Management in Government

  • :: Digital Forensics – Challenges in Solving Cyber Crimes in African Countries

  • :: Guidelines for Secure Internet Access in Schools

Safer Internet Day (SID)

SID is an event celebrated worldwide on the 8 February having as aim to promote safer and responsible use of online technologies and mobile phones, especially amongst children and young people.
The IT Security Unit assists the NCB when it organises the CSD in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology.
Further information on events organized in the past years can be obtained from the link.
National Workshops

Other National Workshops ​where ITSU has participated by providing resource persons included:

  • :: ICAC Youth workshop on Using IT as a tool to fight corruption

  • :: Regional Corporate Registers Forum for the Companies Division as a showcase for the region

  • :: Workshop on Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP)

  • :: National Security Workshop by Prime Minister's Office and US Embass​y​