ICT Sec​tor​​

The Ministry of Information Technology, Communication and Innovation believes that Information and Communication Technologies coupled with Innovation are major enablers towards the transformation of our country into a high-income, inclusive and green economy well before 2030.​

Today, the ICT Sector has become the 3rd pillar of the Mauritian economy and represents: 

::  Open Source Policy
::  Open Data Policy
::  Digital Go​vernment Transformation Strategy
::  Digital Mauritius Strategy
::  Artificial Intelligence Strategy

The Ministry has also come forward with a comprehensive Data Protection Act which is compatible with the principles of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

These strategies are coupled with a combination of measures to, inter alia:

::  provide a state-of-the-art Internet infrastructure
::  lower the cost of telecommunications
::  empower our citizens to be digital-ready
::  allow citizens to access government services on line
:​:  ​position Mauritius as a safe and reliable destination capitalising on our bilingual & well-educated workforce, our modern technical, 
    ​infrastructure and good governance​

These measures have been implemented by the parastatal bodies and private companies which fall under the aegis of this Ministry, most notably the National Computer Board (NCB) and the Mauritius Research & Innovation Council (MRIC) but also Mauritius Telecom Ltd (MT), Mauritius Post Ltd (MP) and State Informatics Ltd (SIL).

Our country will continue to​ see more of such implem​entations as the momentum towards Vision 2030 of the Government speeds up.​​ ​​