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Ministry of Information Technology, Communication and Innovation

Industry Development

Mauritius has the ambition of becoming a Cyberisland. One of  the e strategies adopted to achieve this vision is the promotion of foreign and local investment in this area.

Being bilingual and having a british based education system, Mauritians can work for English as well  as  French-speaking ICT markets.

Furthermore, the Mauritius time zone is such that business can be conducted when US  and Europe are sleeping.

World class business parks such as the Ebene Cybercity are being built. Operational since February 2004, the Cyber Tower, a key component of the Ebene Cybercity, is an intelligent 12-storey building equipped with ultra modern features, at par with high-tech parks found in developed countries.
A modern telecommunications infrastructure has been developed. Mauritius has been connected to the SAFE/SAT3/WASC submarine fibre optic cable system which provides high bandwidth international connectivity.
The SAFE cable network links Mauritius to Europe via South Africa and to Asia via India and Malaysia. Deregulation of the telecommunications sector has resulted in the expected reductions in tariffs coupled with enhanced quality of service.
A crucial element for ICT development is the availability of a conducive legal and regulatory framework. In this perspective, appropriate legislations on data security, protection against cyber crimes, the liberalisation and regulation of telecommunications and data protection have been enacted.
The availability of a critical mass of qualified and skilled manpower is a sine qua non factor for ICT development. To build capacity for the ICT sector, educational and training institutions have been offering new courses in ICT and have considerably increase their student intake.

The ICT industry in Mauritius has evolved towards export-oriented services. An increasing number of foreign ICT companies are setting up their development centres in Mauritius to conduct software development, multimedia, BPO and ITES activities for the export market.
Key players already in Mauritius include Microsoft, Infosys, Accenture, Oracle, Infinity BPO. 

Why  Mauritius?

Political Stability

Strong Economy

Qualified Work Force

Developed Infrastructure

Preferential Market Access

Dynamic Private Sector

Pleasant Living Environment

Attractive Incentives

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